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JSProduction ebusiness

Our team of industry-leading experts brings years of experience in programming and design and provides the highest quality technological services to meet expectations and budgets for both personal and business agendas. We invest our talent, vast experience and creative ability, and employ the latest industry tools to each project we take on.

Ecommerce is one of the few industries that is flourishing despite economic downturns. It continues to grow at an astounding pace (30% in 2002). Because of this, internet competition is increasing, and web design standards are high- internet users, your potential clients, demand a pleasing experience when they navigate a website and only sites of the highest quality have an opportunity to attract and appeal to an audience. A successful website (whether the purpose is to sell, inform, promote, or entertain) must be functional and entertaining, easy to navigate and engaging, with graphics that are eye-catching and memorable.

A web solution that is well orchestrated and designed to serve the customer, can promote the desired user actions to increase revenue, and be far more effective than traditional marketing ventures. On the other hand, an inferior or inadequate website design will result in frustrated users who will have a negative experience and be left with a poor overall impression, eventually leading to site abandonment and lost sales. Our expertise and experience combined with the passion and enthusiasm we have for our work result in compelling, functional websites designed to and gain and retain users and maximize your investment.

JSProduction Ebusiness Team is sincerely dedicated to the success of our clients. We are committed to superior customer service, collaboration, and communication throughout every step of the process. Our professionalism and serious dedication make for work that is timely, efficient, and reliable, from commencement to finish.

Setting Up an Online Store

Here's how an e-commerce site works:
  1. Customers choose what they want to buy and fill out an online order form.
  2. Order-processing software calculates the totals, including taxes and shipping charges.
  3. The customer sees the order total and enters the payment and shipping information - credit card number, expiry date and delivery address. This form must be secure.
  4. Payment processing software encrypts the order and payment information, contacts the credit card company and verifies that the card number is valid and the amount is within the cardholder's limit.
  5. Once authorized, you fulfill the order.

If the network causes the transaction to fail, the customer is usually given the choice to retry or submit the order by telephone, fax or mail.