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Site Integrity and Secure Transactions

Integrity of your Web site and internal systems should be an early topic of discussion with your Web host, who will use "firewall" software that does not allow unauthorized entry into the "backroom" parts of your Web site and systems. Secure transactions protect your customers' financial information necessary to process payment for your goods or services.

Lease of merchant accounts

You may be able to lease merchant accounts from companies that specialize in online transaction processing. These transaction processors assume the merchant's risk. You avoid some of the work in setting up the account, but you lose it if your relationship with the transaction processor ends.

Build or buy: designing an e-commerce site

You have various options in creating the site that allows your online customers to peruse your goods and make their selections:

  1. Integrate your inventory database into an online product catalog. This involves some custom programming. You may host the site in-house.
  2. Buy off-the-shelf online store software. These are templates ranging in price from $100 to $10,000. You simply load them with your product photos and catalog information.
  3. Build a browser-based solution, where you create your home page at a host Web site by choosing from various options offered on a menu. Your Web page is located on the host's server.