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JS - Video Production

JS - Video Production has set up a video compression facility. This allows us to offer optimised video for the internet, CD and DVD. Using industry standard state-of-the-art equipment we are able to supply all the main encoding formats tailored to your specific requirements.

Video on the internet is set to explode with the arrival of broadband internet connections. Companies can now take full advantage of the power the moving image offers and find that it sells more persuasively than photos or graphics. Already many leading businesses have chosen us to prepare and compress footage for inclusion on their web sites.

CD and DVD are now used by many companies to promote products and services, train staff or catalogue products. Video and audio can be compressed to your requirements ensuring excellent quality playback from a wide variety of systems. Once your production has been compressed we can write the video files to DVD, CD, Mini CD or Electronic Business cards. Full screen playback can be achieved on a CD to run from a laptop or desktop. Tape is no longer king in the digital age - disk has now taken over, allowing easy distribution and mobile viewing.

Call us to discuss your next project. Or if you already have a video why not let us put it on disk ?

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JSProduction's Video Speciality
  • Broadcasting Quality Cameras (Sony TRV900/VX1000/VX2000)
  • Non-liner Editing
  • Professional editor and producer

Capturing the moments, the occasions, the events,
the information, the memories .....with expertise, artistic flair and professionalism.